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Senin, 17 November 2014


Indonesia one of the largest centers in the world of engraving Jepara carving. Jepara wood carving art is a heritage that we continue to maintain and develop. For generations we continue and develop the art of woodcarving Jepara. Some people refer to us as a wood sculpture artist. But for us, composing a piece of wood blocks into a valuable object of art is our life, not just the title. We hung out with a chisel as a child, as a tradition and daily life activities.

We develop our capacity in line with market needs and the development of art in wood. Products that we do set out in the form of motifs Jepara carving, wood sculptures, reliefs, Jepara furniture, Jepara furniture, souvenirs and others. Wood sculpture with the tradition of Mataram, China, Europe, and other parts of the world also have our absorption and pour in our sculpture. Our work has been penetrating foreign markets.

Each product sculpture we do it manually. It makes a unique carving works, such as the furniture made from natural teak root. However we also serve duplication on forms and shapes are typical products.

Some of the work we've ever done and orders that we serve have we documented in the gallery by category FURNITURE, SCULPTURE, RELIEF, and handycrafts.

putra: ukir jepara
A table featured a dragon exotic. This table is made from a bump teak or teak tree root. Dragon accents that blend with this table become so attractive, especially when it comes to details and natural rock which is inherited from the teak root.

There are many collectors of art teak table glance this product, because of its special advantages. Refief table of this kind is certainly unique and is done manually. Each work product will likely be different because the basic shape of teak root also definitely different. Design dragon then follow the basic shape of the teak root which is followed by the details of the default texture unique wood and trim. That is why the table is unique and personal,
engraving of modern rustic

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