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Senin, 10 November 2014


Bandung city is also well known as Paris van Java, from culture and geography is perfect for the visit.
Bandung is a creative city with the creative potential of the human resources world. Since the first Bandung has been known as a center of textiles, fashion, art, and culture as the "Paris Van Java". Bandung is now also known as the city of education and tourism destination. Being selected as a pilot project Bandung creative cities throughout East Asia in Yokohama in 2007, the slogan was created Bandung Creative City in support of the mission.
Ok this time I'm not going to talk about the weather in the area of education or a cool duo but this discussion about food or fruit by- by hand after you visit the city of Paris van Java INDONESIA is Peuyeum when we talk peuyeum we must also know how to make it
itself in the form of cassava intact and not cut like regular tape. Fermentation process hung so we saw a lot of the cassava-hung pendant with bamboo. To make peuyeum usually use cassava types of butter and mangosteen because both have their own advantages and disadvantages. Let's say for the type of butter has a better flavor although unfortunately not durable. Instead cassava types mangosteen although not as good as the type of butter but has a longer durability.

ways make peuyeum:
  • Cut the peeled cassava, wash;
  • Soaked for a while in boiling water and then boiled until stengah
  • cook;
  • Remove and drain and let cool;
  • Yeast smear on the entire surface of cassava. At the top
  • piles of cassava, another sprinkle the yeast before it closed with taro leaves
  • or plastic;
  • Ripened for ± 2 ~ 9 days.
Do not rush into buying peuyeum rows even though the seller. Before you bid it helps the seller note also the cleanliness and quality peuyeum which usually can be seen directly because it is hung. Look for color is slightly yellowish and soft because of this most delicious Peuyeum eaten. However, if you want to serve as a souvenir choose not too mushy texture aka little hard

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