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Minggu, 09 November 2014


If we talk about
cancer is certainly a feeling we would immediately imagine a
most  '' terrible horor'', cancer is a disease with a death in the world, Mongolia, Hungary, Armenia, Serbia, and Uruguay.

As quoted from the pages of The Globe and Mail, the data from the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) World Health Organization (WHO) said new cases of cancer will rise to 22 million to 13 million deaths each year

Based on 2014 statistics, an estimated 60 percent of new cancer cases and 70 percent of cancer deaths occur in developing countries. New cases of cancer are likely to appear in developing countries in the western region. While deaths from cancer are likely to appear in other developing countries.

Denmark, France, Australia, Belgium, and Norway recorded the highest number of new cancers (excluding non-melanoma skin cancer) in 2014. However, the country's fifth straight down to the bottom rank in the list of countries with the death from cancer.

one of many types of cancer is

CervicalCervical Cancer or better known as Cervical Cancer is the number one killer in developing countries. However, that does not mean the disease can not be prevented, if sexual health checks done regularly is the first step to prevention of the disease.

To that end, in order HUT PIA PIA AG AG ke55 Bakorcab Madison Iswahjudi Air Force Base, in collaboration with the Hospital Iswahjudi Air Force Base conducting Pap Smear for PIA members Adhya Garini Bakorcab Madison Iswahjudi Air Force Base, in the Delivery Room Iswahjudi Air Force Base Hospital. Wednesday (9/11)

Pap smear program is very important and useful for mothers was attended by 81 people, consisting of members of the PIA AG Bakorcab Madison, Wara Iswahjudi Air Force Base and the Civil Service Iswahjudi Air Force BaseIt is expected that with the implementation of this examination, all members of the PIA AG Bakorcab Madison will continue to regularly pay attention to their health, especially their sexual health as a first step in disease prevention of Cervical Cancer ", said Chairman PIA AG Bakorcab Madison, Ny. Lidya M.Syaugi.

"The specimen (sample) of this examination will be tested in a laboratory that has been designated, and the results will be known in the coming days" said dr. Yudi SpOG.

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