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Senin, 10 November 2014

There are a number of hospitals in the world to successfully locate the position in the list of the best hospitals in the world for medical tourism (medical tourism). The interesting thing for medical tourism patients are usually in terms of good service and advanced facilities. Here's a list of the best hospitals mainland for medical tourism.1. Fortis Hospitals, Bangalore, India

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Is an
excellent surgical option for medical travelers seeking orthopedic procedures including hip resurfacing (hip replacement), here also have patient monitoring service after returning home.

2. Hospitals Gleneagles,Singapura

hospital-best-in-world-for-travel-medical (10)
Hospitals that include Parkway Group has become a standard bearer for the treatment of private hospitals in Singapore, and also become a mainstay of the hospital. Tourists visiting Singapore and looking for the right blend between a restaurant and a good hospital, definitely choose a place in 3. Hospitals Shouldice, Thornhill, Kanada

hospital-best-in-world-for-travel-medicine (9)\
The hospital is
very popular in Canada, the average North American population has been services at this hospital.

4. Hospitals
Wooridul Spine, Seoul, Korsel

hospital-best-in-world-for-travel-medical (8)

Is a world leader in the treatment of the spine that is famous in Asia and Europe.

5. Hospitals Asklepios Klinik Barmberk, Hamburg, Jerman

hospital-best-in-world-for-travel-medicine (7)

It is a private hospital operator in Europe. Become hospital unparalleled treatment options with more than 100 facilities
6. Hospitals Bumrungrad International, Bangkok, Thailand

hospital-best-in-world-for-travel-medical (6)

An exclusive hospital in Thailand. Investing in the integration of medical records, pharmacy, and laboratory.

7. Hospitals Barcelona Medical Centre, Barcelona, Spanyol

hospital-best-in-world-for-travel-medical (5)

Has 21 health centers of the most famous and prestigious in Barcelona, eight general hospitals, 8 specialized centers, diagnostic centers and 4. This hospital has a system of one-stop-shop in Europe as a medical destination
7. Hospitals Bangkok Hospital Medical Center, Thailand

hospital-best-in-world-for-travel-medical (4)

Largest private hospitals in Thailand. Have some criterion Medical Travel Quality Alliance (MTQUA) which makes it one of the best hospitals in the world for medical tourism.

8.Hospitals Clemenceau Medical Center, Beirut, Lebanon

hospital-best-in-world-for-travel-medical (b3)
Leading hospitals in the Middle East, which has a relationship with the Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, USA.

10. Hospitals Anadolu Medical Center, Istanbul, Turki

hospital-best-in-world-for-travel-medical (2)

Is high-standard hospitals for treatment and care, and facilities offered to understand the needs of medical tourists. This hospital has a multilingual care services, as well as international level.

Similarly, about 10 hospitals into medical tourism destination in the world. We hope that one day Indonesia also has a similar hospital and is recognized worldwide.

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