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Senin, 10 November 2014


Who is not familiar with one kind of snack cakes are round and surrounded by a small sesame seeds originating from Indonesia. Yes, Cake Onde onde is one kind of cake should we preserve its existence until our grandchildren later. Along the development, there are many varisi this cake recipe, Recipe Reviews such as Onde onde Laugh, Rupture Onde onde, Onde onde ceplus,
Onde onde onde onde recipe mini or Green Beans Content. In fact, almost any type of cake was Possessed the same raw materials, the which makes the difference is how to make onde onde different its course

In addition to easy once found a cookie seller, the price is quite cheap also makes Cake Onde onde become one of the favorite snacks for the Indonesian community. Starting from the gauge of a mini or a variation with chocolate-filled onde onde, black rice or other content easily we find around us. It makes Green Beans Recipe Onde onde is not too difficult, so many who peddle cookie are round and sesame dibaluk this. The question is large or things we have to consider is, whether the cookie onde onde who bought kta not use any preservatives and ingredients are safe to use?

In relation to the request of some friends who faithfully follow the development of these recipes website which asks how to make onde onde is easy and fast, this time we will give you some tips to make Onde onde Fill Prescriptions Green Beans. In addition to the selection of glutinous rice flour and flour well and not musty, the selection of quality green beans and sesame are used as a fill and decorate the outer layer is also one important factor. For the process of making cookie onde onde and materials to be prepared will be divided into two parts, the main dough ingredients and ingredient contents

The main ingredient recipe for onde onde of green bean:|

  • 40 grams Rice Flour  of good and not the musty. Use a quality flour so that the result is padded.
  •      250 grams of good quality sticky rice flour.
  •      Vanilla powder to taste or about a quarter of a small spoon / teaspoon.
  •      Half a teaspoon of iodized table salt.
  •      200 ml thick coconut milk
  •      135 sugar white sand. Sure to use only clean white sugar so that no scent of sugar cane in the results so Onde ondenya.
  •      Boiled water to cook to taste.
Materials to be prepared to fill in Cake Onde onde

  • 130 grams of green beans that have great skin removed.
  •      1/4 small spoon of salt
    •      50 grams of Sugar White Sand
    •      Vanilla powder to taste or about 1/8 teaspoon small.
How to make Onde onde
  • First of all we make the contents of the green beans first.
  •      Soak green bean that have been peeled into the water for about 4 hours.
  •      Take a pan and boil kecili green bean until cooked and soft. Remove and drain.
  •      Enter a little vanilla, 1/4 spoon of salt and 50 grams of sugar. Stir it slowly until all ingredients are completely mixed.
  •      Enter the cooking water little by little into the contents of the above ingredients, stirring gently. After the contents of the green bean mixture, it looks pretty mushy, stop adding water ripening.
  •      The second step is to make the cake batter Onde ondenya.
  •      Take a medium-size container. Enter 250 grams of glutinous rice flour and rice flour. Stir until the flour was mixed.
  •      Enter 135 grams of sugar, iodized salt and a quarter teaspoon of vanilla. Stir until all ingredients are mixed back.
  •      Enter the coconut milk little by little into cookie batter on top. Stir gently until the dough feels smooth. Add boiled water if necessary. Leave for about approximately one hour.
  •      Take the dough onde onde taste (depending on the size of the cookie that will be created). The sphere and enter into the sphere filled with mung bean earlier.
  •      Prepare a small plate and pour sesame on it. Roll cookie raw onde on it until all the pieces are covered with sesame.
  •      Heat oil over medium heat. Enter the above raw cookie slowly so that the oil does not squirt. Fry until brown color.
How do friends how Onde onde recipe displaced over the content of green bean on top? It was not too difficult the way for his onde Onde Cake? In addition to the contents of green bean, you can also replace the contents Recipe Onde onde brown sugar or reduce Onde onde form into a mini.

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