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Jumat, 14 November 2014


 Reog Ponorogo known as one of the legendary performing arts in Indonesia. Even fame Reog already memancanegara and often staged abroad. Among others jatilan. Jathil is hussar and is one of the leaders in the art Reog.
But it was not just a show Reog alone. In Reog contained a philosophy and a story that makes this art alive and talking.
Jathilan is a dance that describes the dexterity hussar who was practicing on horseback. This dance is performed by dancers in which the dancers are to one another in pairs with each other. This is supported by the rhythmic pattern of the dance movement alternating between rhythm mlaku (naive) and rhythm ngracik.

The second figure is Warok, 'Warok' which comes from the word wewarah are people who have a holy determination, provide guidance and protection unconditionally. Warok is wong kang sugih wewarah (the rich will wewarah). That is, a person becomes Warok being able to give guidance or instruction to others about the good life.

Or in terms of its Java, Warok iku after saka wong kang wus sakabehing behavior, lan wus menep ing sense (Warok is a person who has been perfect in his manner of life, and to the inner deposition).

The third figure, is barongan or sudden peacock. Barongan (sudden peacock) is the most dominant dance equipment in Reog Ponorogo. Parts, among others; tiger head (caplokan), made of a wooden frame, bamboo, rattan covered with tiger skin kingpin.

Sudden peacock, frame made of bamboo and rattan as arranging a peacock feather to describe peacock feathers and biting are developing a string of beads (rosary).

''Krakap'' made of black velvet cloth embroidered with beads, an accessories and a group identity reog write. Sudden peacock, measuring about 2.25 meters long, 2.30 meters in width, and weighs almost 50 pounds.

The fourth character, is King Klono Sewandono. King Klono Sewandono or King Kelono is a powerful king who has a heritage mandraguna mainstay in the form of a very powerful whip as Kyai Pecut Samandiman.

Where have gone the King that this young handsome and always brings the heritage. Heirlooms are used to protect himself. Valor king depicted in the lively dance and authoritative, in a tale of King Klono Sewandono managed to create beautiful art result of their creativity to comply with a request Princess (her lover). Because the king was drunk love the dance movements were sometimes describe a man who is in love

And the last figure in the art reog is Bujang Ganong. Bujang Ganong (Ganongan) or Patih poet Anom is one of the characters energetic, hilarious at the same time have the expertise in martial arts so that in every appearance always in waiting by the audience, especially the children

Bujang Ganong depicts the figure of a young Patih nimble, strong, clever, witty and powerful. Reog, as local traditional art is quite popular is the story of King Ponorogo who intend applying daughter Kediri, Dewi Ragin Yellow, but on the way he was intercepted by King Singabarong of Kediri.

King Singabarong forces consisted of peacocks and lions, while the King of the Kingdom of Ponorogo Kelono Bujang Anom Sewandono and his deputy, escorted by the Warok. The Warok has deadly black magic. The whole dance is a dance battle between Kediri Kingdom and the Kingdom of Ponorogo, and pitted black magic between them.

Until now people Ponorogo just follow the legacy of their ancestors as a very rich cultural heritage. In his experience Reog Art is a human creations copyright formed their belief is that there are hereditary and maintained.

Reog Ponorogo

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