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Selasa, 11 November 2014

Is the hallmark of Indonesian food
How to Make Wingko Babat - Wingko a snack that tastes sugary and savory. Wingko itself is actually a kind of food, or more precisely the main snack made from coconut. One of the areas that make the Lamongan wingko this Babat. wingko Babat Lamongan East Java is one of the variations of the famous tripe wingko and favored by many people. If we want to taste of Babat while realizing ''wingko'' Lamongan, East Java, do not worry because now many shops especially food shops that sell souvenirs wingko this tripe. But if you might pengenlah try to make yourself at home, here are the recipes at once how to make delicious typical wingko Babat Lamongan that may help you later. Then please scrutiny:
Recipe Wingko Babat

Materials wingko tripe:

  • 1 kg of white sticky rice flour
  • 6 coconut half old, just peel and clean the coconut shell. Then grate only
  • 1500 grams of sugar
  • 1 egg
  • 4 packs of vanilla powder salt
  • 2 tablespoons margarine

How to make wingko babat is:

First of all. Mix sugar with coconut was grated. Then mix well with a knead way and do not forget the occasional taste the sweetness of her sense of whether right or not. To be a good result, the time squeeze may take less than 1 hour.
After that, a more or less ignored the first night covered with a cloth that is slightly damp.
After passing through the first night, take the mixture. Then add ingredients such as glutinous rice flour in a little while squeezing let average. Add the egg and vanilla to the batter.
Then grab and melted margarine. Do not forget to salt to taste. After melting campurkanlah to main dough earlier, and then knead again.
Form or print the mixture into a flat round. Put diwadah which has been covered with banana leaves, and then the oven until cooked. In addition to the oven, wingko tripe can also be baked with Teflon media on which it is covered with banana leaves.
Once inverted and an advanced color-gosongan kegosong brown, wingko babatnya sign is ready to be enjoyed.

That review about the recipe and how to make a delicious typical wingko babat Lamongan. Hopefully useful and good luck


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