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Selasa, 13 Januari 2015


tips healty how diet
We as young executives every day should always be required to always fit agile agile and fress
in thinking, the health experts recommend to do a "diet", and health experts from a member institution solution tips" apt to do "diet", but the way the experts pointed out that in this khus for undisturbed in terms health (for healthy people) only.

It's health if we obey the rules and can memanag "diet" excessive desires, "health becomes expensive" after we lay in the ICU hospital room, God frees us to eat kosher food is up to us but do not exceed levels that may impose, because all things that excess is not good for us.

"Breakfast is the most important thing before starting a diet throughout the day. In addition, the morning of positive thinking can help the success of the diet. The focus of the diet you choose, if breakfast is true then at noon will choose a good meal as well,"

 Said the expert of Health and Vice President of Scientific and Clinical Affairs at Medifast, Lisa Davis cited Shape,

According to Davis, the morning should start with regular breathing, begin to regulate breathing to make the body become more relaxed. After that select the orange juice as your morning beverage. "A healthy serving of grapefruit contains vitamins and minerals as well as fiber to help keep the stomach without feeling hungry until noon," he said.

Pancakes or waffles were mixed seemed indeed delicious sweet syrup for breakfast, but according to Davis should not choose a breakfast like that. "Breakfast cereal grain or bread baked without fat with lean meat or eggs putiyh better than sweet syrup waffles," said Davis.

Breakfast with something sweet according to Davis tend to raise blood sugar levels and easy to make hungry. "If excessive sweet breakfast that will make the whole day you just want a snack only, and it makes your blood sugar will rise," said Davis explained.

Avoid coffee as breakfast, "Coffee is just making the same calories as sugar increases, flavored syrups and whipped cream. Start slowly to avoid it," says Davis.

For that often skip breakfast at home, Davis said should be prepared healthy snack in the office or while traveling such as salad or fruit.

At lunchtime avoid eating places that sell the buffet system, this is what makes our emotional continue to take almost any food.

"Start with eggs, lean meat, salmon, fresh vegetables or fruit cocktail. Avoid eating at a buffet meal, eat according to the needs not wants," said Davis

To the guy's can try the tips above good luck, and certainly succeeded in what it does not depend on ourselves, ok I repeat the words of paragraph 2 if we are aware of and we think about health was actually cheap if we abide by the rules, health becomes expensive because we fail when we see something that faforite for us (food).

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