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Senin, 10 November 2014

From the research,based genetics the human brain has one trillion cells, with 100 billion active cells. Each cell is able to create a network of up to 20,000 connections per second.''If all the information universe is put into our brains, our brains will not fully''

Apparently Babies Already Have Expertise Since In Gynecology

The learning process
has been started since the fetus in the womb, the fetus come to learn the second andthird trimesters, as in the amphitheater space that is more sophisticated than any class in the world.

The following skills are already possessed baby in the womb, according to Fred J. Schwartz, MD, an anesthesiologist from Piedmont Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia.1.thumb sucking

Naturally, if most babies like to suck the thumb, because it turns out this practice has been started in the womb. This helps baby's sucking reflex when will suckle, the mother no longer need to force the thrusting nipples. Expertise thumb sucking is starting from week 19 because of the baby's brain has reached millions of motor nerves so that he is able to make conscious movements like thumb sucking.

Since the baby in the womb he was used to being in the water for 9 months, the amniotic fluid. Babies were happy-happy to swim at the age of 20 weeks. Today, children are making active movements that can be felt by the mother, probably because of the long half of the length of the new born and weighs only about 340 grams so he still has plenty of room to swim.

3. Hiccups

During pregnancy
, mothers sometimes feel a continuous movement in the abdomen. It may be that when the fetus was a hiccup. It is usually felt since stepping womb 25 weeks. This indicates that the fetus is practicing breathing. Currently fetus breathe and secrete amniotic fluid, amniotic fluid when ingested too much then it will be hiccups. This is something that is reasonable

4. Hearing

pregnant women are advised to frequently communicate with the fetus in the womb. This is true, because although still in the womb, the fetus can hear her own voice and the voice of others in the vicinity. When performing a 4-dimensional ultrasound, in addition to checking the completeness of organs, the doctor will also ask the fetus to do something and see the response of the fetus.

''For example, when the fetus is down, when the doctor asked him to hold his head, turns the fetus can follow orders. So pregnant women should be cautious in speaking because the fetus can also be heard if his mother was angry. This is evidenced by the immediate reaction of stomach tightening.'''5. Distinguish Light and Dark

Several studies have shown
that babies in the womb 27-28 weeks was able to open his eyes, so it was able to differentiate between dark and light. Can be seen when the doctor pressed the flashlight in the stomach, he could see the light coming in through the wall of the uterus. Even if the fetus could wink he thinks too much glare.

6. Expressing Yourself

in the womb was already able to express themselves in accordance with his mother who is perceived. If the mother is in a state of happy, sit back and listen to the Quran is read, then the fetus will also feel the vibration so th

7. Learning Two Languages

, the baby in the womb can learn to understand the language that she often heard, even up to two languages at once. And the ability to carry over

Is there a super genius man in this world?
The answer is Prophet Adam, which is the ancestor of all mankind ..

How can it be?

Because he is the only creature that successfully presented the state of the entire universe before God Almighty. It is this fact that makes the angels were amazed, and they bow down to Adam and glorify Allah.

So if someone said, intelligence is a factor of seedlings or offspring, it means that all human beings (including ours) have the potential to be superhuman genius.

Actual brain structures Prophet Adam, relatively similar to the structure of the human brain most, including us. The difference is, the first prophet was already optimally use all the potential of his brain.What about us?

Thinking just usually lazy. We prefer to see other people so much genius. And from the research anyway, we are mostly just wear our brain power by 10% ...

So ... what should we do?

, the choice is individual. Clearly, people in Japan that maximize the potential of their brain and become a great nation.
History records the atomic bombed Japan during World War II on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The incident caused severe damage and loss as well as Japan's nearly crippled the economy as a whole. But it did not take more than two decades, great effort and perseverance of the Japanese people has made him re-plugging his teeth as a great nation. Even today Japan is regarded as one of the icons developed nation and culture in Asia.

So, it's up to us. Do we want to maximize the capacity of our brains and be successful or just person mediocre.

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