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Jumat, 14 November 2014


I also tried to pull heritage, because of the many scams on the internet, selling heirloom, and the bitter experience of being cheated when buying, then pull dicobalah own heritage

following way how withdrawal
Determine where the heirlooms that will be the withdrawal or remote capture.

Before the ritual withdrawal prior heirlooms done taking land in the vicinity of which are considered to have heirlooms that are still hidden or concealed.

Soil is placed on the altar then performed the ritual overlay distance. Overlay is intended to view the contents or heirlooms from the land of origin, or the existence of heritage on land that is above

Land detected with inner strength. Land that has been tested with the inner strength of people who have the desire and ability in the occult will emit an aura. Aura that emerges from the ground would indicate that the heritage objects can be taken or not. In this case it takes a spiritualist (psychic) who mastered the science expertise overlay.

If aura arising from the ground indicate the object can be taken, then do the next ritual is the core of the ritual. Gebrak earth science must be controlled by a psychic who perform or lead rituals. This science will draw heirlooms that are around the land of origin.

Land that is above the altar will appear light which then there will be an heirloom in it. In this ritual takes their offerings can consist of flowers setaman, fresh drinking water in the form of white, sweet white, pahti coffee, sweet coffee. Perfume can be either oil Black Stone, Zafaron, or opium. The offerings here intended not to heirloom that will be taken, but addressed to the genie that envelops or wait for the heritage objects. The existence of the offering could not be dispensed with other offerings are the key words of the ritual regalia withdrawal without being in a place that is considered to have content that is considered to have an heirloom.

Well above case if we want to get as good either. Incidentally snails obtained above is not good either way, and may be said to be a coincidence, because I felt harassed by kuntilanak and already expelled still harass and invite duel, then after a grueling duel obtained this snail

Well you should know that the original unseen objects have magical effects of anti shaving, shoot and slice about 5-10 minutes after the withdrawal, so directly test only and it is true

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