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Senin, 10 November 2014


Food appetizer is a meal in small portions, where the food is usually meant for stimulating the appetite before a meal primary or eaten a big meal. We know the usual Indonesian with appetizers or entrees.

Appetizer appetizers or food usually does have small portions and light, it can also be a burden no nan drink abdominal work. Food appetizer is very useful for increasing appetite in even a little quantity. The entrees are usually served before the main meal.
Also known as hors d'oeuvres, nan has a varied diet of sync with the culture of each country. Appetizers are usually dominated by a snack or light meal, nan was so filling the stomach. Presented in the form of crumbs nan is bitten, and is different from the main menu. In some countries usually appetizers often served with cocktail nan done in a ceremonial party will be something.

These cultures practiced by developed countries such as the countries in the continent of Europe and America, because it has been accustomed as a culture when it will eat a heavy meal, there is even a menu for dessert dishes. Very complete. For countries in Asia, have in common the same nan, but not exactly to the western continental culture. Most Asians and about direct primary food cravings as the body needs them.

In European culture, the entrees will be served first moments of a party or an event has not been officially opened, in the form of snack-snack or snack, served by maids nan nan offered to guests. Can one type or several types of appetizers. Appetizers are also known as butler style hors d'oeuvres. It is still running until the primary dish served.

Antipasto is one variant of a very popular appetizer nan, also presented before the big meal arrives, this one atu Italian culture. Antipasto and hors d'oeuvres are usually an appetizer on occasions the adults, there are also specific entrees for children's events. Entrees are served with nan ways quite different and a little innovation.

The form of food or appetizer-style hors d'oeuvres favorites are savory snack, cupcakes can be a small size, or presented in the form of fresh fruits as an appetite stimulant guest comes to the primary dish or served

History of Food Opener
Culture dishes presentation of food or an appetizer at an event or party is found in ancient Greek Roman times. Used in the food dish or an appetizer like nan fish cut into small pieces, cheese, olives, and vegetables flavored nan particular, while in Italy during the Renaissance period, nan used in the entrees are roast beef.

During the seventeenth century, the French also has a rich culture of this cuisine, in the United States for the specific course learning to prepare a variety of foods or entrees have been there. Terms appetizer food is introduced in English since 1860 as a rival of the word hors d'oeuvres nan was introduced by the French. Words appetizer food and hors d'oeuvres are used at the end of 1890.

Canapés, caviar nan mixed in the form of a European-style crackers krispi regarded as the inception of appetizers on this continent in the early 19th century, in which foodstuffs are combined French shellfish raw oysters

Appetizer nan Popular in Europe

Every culture in a country has a favorite appetizer recipe collections on their own, nan has undergone changes and improvements over the years nan tailored to the tastes of each country population. Perhaps the idea behind the presentation of the dish or appetizer has existed throughout the global, but just different from the type of food. Some of the food or an appetizer nan-known in Europe, and is maintained by his

until now, including:

1. Canapes

An appetizer of Europe nan very traditional, presented in the form of small pieces of meat grill or baking -kue bloating or round-shaped crispy nan inserted at the nan mixed grilled meat with vegetables on the edge. Ordinary served on a large tray. Flavored cream, cheese, or butter nan decorated with sprigs of parsley or nuts. Because it was served in a short time and around the food or an appetizer is known as one bite snack.

2. crudites

A plate of raw vegetables served as an appetizer nan. Traditionally this French dish consisting of finely cut broccoli, cabbage and carrots mixed nan beet and celery.

3. Meze

One appetizer nan oldest known to man, such as meat and vegetables nan decorated with fresh herbs here meze. Initially put on a show or a party in Persia, eventually this appetizer popular in the Mediterranean region.

4. Tapas

The entrees original Spanish, the food is made with marine food nan combined with olives and cheese.

5. Zakuski

An hors d'œuvre from Russia, consisting of raw meat mixed with pickled vegetables. The food is usually served with vodka.

6. Dim s

Nan steam duck entrees contain various ingredients of Chinese origin nan is now available worldwide.

7. Samosa

Small triangular shaped fried nan made from refined flour and filled with cooked vegetables are served as a snack popular Indian nan often exist at cocktail parties.

Currently, appetizers or an appetizer is better known for fast food has become a distant commercial foods and applies worldwide. The development and cultural significance of food has shifted as a main meal, because this time the types of fast food so deny stomach, so people no longer need to eat large primary or else.

A popular modern times include: Papa Gino's that specializes in Italian food; McDonald's sells hamburgers, sandwiches wrapped in nan grip size; Saladworks, is famous as a snack wrapped in nan include soup salad; Moe's Southwest Grill, grill beef crispy with small size are known in Mexico almost the same as tacos and burritos; KFC, food nan specializes in the use of fried chicken sandwiches, but today has grown brands other nan.

Indonesia has a cultural repertoire of dishes appetizers nan no less numerous and vary from other countries, but in Indonesia, food appetizers are the primary food nan is very filling.

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