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Kamis, 04 Desember 2014

we will try to make a Mayang cake, means and materials under.
and if you still can listen recaman less clear in the video above
,Happy trying

:Ingredients 1
  •      250 grams of rice flour
  •      water 50 ml
  •      boiling water, approximately 300 ml
  •      1/4 teaspoon salt
  •      red and green food coloring to taste
Material 2:
  •      coconut milk 1 liter of 1 coconut
  •      fragrant pandan leaves 2 pieces
  •      salt to taste
  •      300 grams of brown sugar, a comb
How to make:
  •      Sprinkle rice flour with water. Wrap the flour with a thin cloth. Heat the pan steamer, steamed flour for 10 minutes. Lift.
  •      Pour the flour with boiling water gradually, stirring until blended.
  •      Divide the dough into three parts, add a piece of dough with green dye. One part again with red dye and the rest let it remain white.
  •      Put the mixture in the mold petulo, press until the dough out to taste. Lift. Cover each cake with banana leaves.
  •      Heat the pan steamer, steamed until cooked dough approximately 15 minutes. Lift.
    Sauce: Mix all ingredients, boil over medium heat, stirring constantly until boiling. Remove and strain.
     Serve petulo / Putu Mayang with gravy.

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