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Jumat, 05 Desember 2014

from distant relatives sisters in Palestine (land glorified God and the prophets) you should not be afraid of bombs and rockets Israeli "Zionist" bastard, you are the patient mujahid O my brother martyr paradise awaits you all Aamin ....

We are not afraid of the rockets and bombs Jewish (This word One Palestinian boy) Al-Qassam Brigades (the military wing of Hamas) will finish today, "said one Palestinian boy Sharif al-Ewad smiling, as quoted by Reuters" Fight Without Palestine Sophisticated armaments against Israel ::. envoy

Large Palestine to Indonesia Fariz N Mehdawi said, Palestinians never flinch against Israel which have advanced weaponry. Israel was not aware of, attacks on Palestine Palestine would make even stronger.

     "When we watched dozens of people were killed, they were women and children we all. But the Palestinians remain united," said Ambassador Mehdawi Okezone when met at his residence "It is time for us all to consolidate. If there is a major problem that arises, we were going to work together, "he said.

In incidents of Israeli-Palestinian conflict in the Gaza Strip, the Israeli Palestinian pounded with air strikes. But the union instrument that makes Palestinians continue to struggle against the Jewish State. Ambassador Mehdawi added, the support of Arab countries against Palestinians also increasing from day to day. Arab Spring events that change the leadership of the Arab countries is quite a positive result for the Palestinian cause.

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