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Jumat, 12 Desember 2014

We all must be wondering, "what's wrong with FPI" .. ??? why religious organizations such as the FPI (Islamic Defenders Front) which notabenya a large organization whose members have certainly 99.9% of people of Islam but a lot of rejection and condemnation of the majority population in this country where the majority religion of Islam.
Tulungagung - Regional Leadership Forum (Forpimda) Tulungagung, East Java, finally officially denies the existence of the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) in the area of security and stability considerations.

Openly statement submitted together all the elements Forpimda led by Regent Syahri Mulyo conjunction with the destruction of thousands of items of evidence of alcohol, drugs, and herbal illegal in Police Headquarters page Tulungagung, Friday (12/12).

"After discussions with a range Forpimda, we state does not recognize the existence of the FPI in Tulungagung," said Regent Syahri Mulyo.

Accompanied by Police Chief Superintendent Bastoni Purnama, Kajari Dawin Noor, Chief District Court Tulungagung Tajuddin, and Dandim 0807 / Tulungagung Lt. Col. Inf. Gunawan Permadi, Regent describes a number of considerations that decision.

One of the prominent reasons, Syahri light, which assume the existence of FPI could trigger distabilitas social security in the region.

Moreover, he added, since the passing of the FPI declaration discourse there are a number of groups of people who express rejection of the presence of the right-wing organizations.

Another consideration that is not less important is to evaluate cases and a series of violent clashes in other areas by the FPI to ignite social unrest.

Syahri added, from the discussion Forpimda Tulungagung consisting of regents, police chief, Dandim, chairman PN, plus vice regent and the district secretary, agreed to not acknowledge the existence of the FPI in Tulungagung.

Although the letter is not a straightforward statement denying the existence / establishment FPI, Syahri assured, that the decision to not admit Islamic organizations Rizieq care is going to impact on the legality of their activities in the Marble City.

"If the organization has not been or is not recognized, automatically activities also do not. If they held a ceremony or anything, certainly illegal because of licensing will never be issued," he said.

Meanwhile, Chairman of the FPI Tulungagung, Nurkholis pleaded not daunted by the decision by the local government.

According to him, the FPI will not affect the decision was because the organization he leads an official organization.

"We will still run as an organization in general," he said.

Nurkholis added, that the FPI will continue to conduct recruitment of new members.

"Until now, recruitment is done behind closed doors. We strive to uphold enjoining nahi unjust," said one of the leaders of NU Tulungagung.

Source: Antara

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