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Kamis, 11 Desember 2014

"one of the most unique countries in the world"
 7. Other World Kingdom

Microstates this one is now gone. Ruler had dissolved the government in 2008 and intends to sell to foreigners. But its existence short enough controversy so it worthy of inclusion in the list of microstates with a unique history.
It may not be wrong to Other World Kingdom (OWK) referred to as the land of the Amazon. Because in the state that the region was limited to a privately owned property in Cerna, Czech this is dominated by women. OWK is a facility actually female domination, BDSM community where women become parties 'power' in the relationship. Its founder was a woman who raised himself as ruler of the title Queen Patricia I. Here, all officials are women. While the men were only allowed into a slave woman.

Requirements to become a citizen of OWK fairly strange. Candidates must be citizens of a woman, is of age, willing to comply with all applicable regulations in the OWK, live in the royal palace at least 5 nights, and most importantly, must have at least one male slave.

That's seven smallest countries in the world with a unique history. nex namber 1

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