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Rabu, 10 Desember 2014


most unique things in the world can be in the value of various angles and shapes, position, location, area, even for this article we will discuss the uniqueness of a republic or monarky.example there are 7 state or government  most unique below.

2.Republik Molossia

Micro state founded by Kevin Baugh occupies a residential area in Nevada, USA. State government center located in a small house in Dayton, Nevada is a manifestation of childhood dreams Baugh, the founder.

Bough adopted a republican system with a dictator in running the country. But because Molossia itself is not established for the purpose of serious, you will not see a heartbreaking story about the lives of people trapped under the leadership of such a cruel dictator regimes in countries with more dictatorial ruler.

Republic of Molossia control of four small regions, namely Harmony Province (near Dayton, Nevada), The Protectorate of New Antrim (including the region of Pennsylvania), Neptune Deep (North Pacific Ocean), and fig area of 130,000 square kilometers of the planet Venus. Yes, you did not misread. Planet Venus.nex namber 3

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