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Sabtu, 06 Desember 2014

Want to look beautiful every day is every woman's dream. Likewise with gorgeous friend instead? In order to look beautiful every day does not necessarily have to use makeup, especially excessive. Beautiful companions can look beautiful naturally every day, just so you know do

Here's 5 Secrets Shown Beautiful Natural Every Day

1. Simply Sleep
is not merely a break from the activity, but sleep has a positive effect on human health terhadak. For beautiful companions, regular sleep can also help to be able to look beautiful naturally. Sleep is a natural way to regenerate skin cells are dead and damaged. Sleep is the best method to improve the structure of the skin exposed to pollution and free radicals. So sure enough sleep gorgeous friend every day, no need to stay up if not necessary.

2. Compress Water Ice
Ice cubes can help shrink pores and make the face oil free. Perform simple tips to use ice cubes every morning after bath by applying ice to sabahat pretty face

3. Wear Masks
The use of natural mask is the best, beautiful friend can wear from fruits that are around. For example finely grated apples, cucumbers, bananas and so on. If the mask is already half dry, do massage so damaged skin cells can be raised naturally without causing the skin to become dry.

4. Wear Sunscreen
Sunscreen or sun protection necessary gorgeous companions used to protect the skin, especially the face of shocks direct ultraviolet rays. Sunscreens are sold exclusively without cosmetics can be one with beautiful friend bought in pharmacies and is a material that does not require a prescription. Ask the pharmacist sunscreen of this type, because it is more effective than sunscreen to protect skin that is in cosmetics.

5. Drinking Water Moderation
Many health experts who have done research on the benefits minur clear water for health and beauty. Drinking water can make the skin more moist than in. The human body consists of 80 percent of the liquid, then when the body is dehydrated 1 percent of it, humans would be hard to think, tired and drought. If the body needs water, the fluid from the skin participate taken, so that the skin becomes dry. Then make sure friend pretty consume 8 glasses of water every day and adjust with gorgeous companions activities.

Now the 5 secrets to look beautiful every day that can naturally beautiful companions practice at home. These tips can be done without a doctor's prescription and guidance

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