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Minggu, 07 Desember 2014


Fb account many people made the update status, from romantic to a broken heart, but many of us sometimes write status with a sentence prayer, whether related or not, but the incident has only occurred in many wrong  istanti primary teachers Kraton PekalonganP

- istanti (26), elementary school teacher Kraton Pekalongan, tragically last breath. Old pregnant woman who was killed allegedly robbed. In social media, he vent about the daily life and pregnancy.
In a Facebook account, old pregnant victim put up a picture of yourself and the baby smiling. He wrote a final status in his Facebook account. On 11 November 2014 and then:
O Allah's tired.... Hopefully clever, diligent, passion, self-contained, all the good that I did go down to the baby. Amen Yes Robbal Alamin."

Some friends of the victim agrees contains the status of the prayer. A month earlier, the victim was also made about the status of the child. He admitted that his dream of male sex. The status is written on October 5.

Victims from Banyumas and living separately from her husband was found dead at his boarding house, Jalan Teuku Umar, Pasir Sari, Pekalongan West, Saturday (6/12) night

Based on the autopsy Central Java Police, the victim slumped in his mouth silenced. On the ring finger was injured, someone allegedly forcibly took the victims rings.
Motor were also stolen. Today after the autopsy, the victim was taken to the funeral home for burial in Banyumas.

Police are still investigating the incident. Witnesses examined, but the perpetrators have not been terendus trail. "Treasures of the disappeared, such as motors, necklaces, and wedding ring," said Police Chief Commissioner Hartono West Pekalongan.

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